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My grandchildren, but especially my son in law. They may have a sexual interest in a sibling, mainly because it is their first encounter with the opposite gender in the nude, but they usually don't act on that interest. It's illegal to have sex with someone you're related to and unfortunately many people never "get over" their attraction to their siblings. Me and my sister were too close.

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The power I held over my son in law was intoxicating. The only draw back was, God, did it stink like fuck in that room when my uncle came strolling in to wake us up the next morning. Me and my sister were too close. It can be anything from overly fond BFF to lust to full blown love feelings. How normal is this?

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We were both drunk and in the swimming pool. I was sitting on the edge of the pool and I was - Sexual Health Question Me and my sister had sex in the bath room after too many drinks at a party at my aunts house two weeks ago. Home > Sexual Health > Has anyone ever had a shared sexual experience with a family member? Most Helpful. These games are childish, in general, and when you’re young they can be pretty innocent but as you hit the age when you start drinking Truth or Dare can get pretty real, and rather racy. Below is a collection of stories from people whose games of Truth or Dare went off the rails and got out of control. Some of these are a bit NSFW in nature. Slept with my son-in-law and now I'm pregnant. Secretgirl. Xper 3. Follow. Facebook. I was taught that sex was the key to keeping your man happy, which was wrong. By age 26 I was divorced, alone and competing with my ex-husband who had again married a young bimbo who was now raising my kids. I am pregnant and alone with my daughter's.

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Lj Xper 2. It happens still from time to time. My bad lol but still I don't know how anybody could do that. If you grew up in a household and society that approved of sibling sex, then you would probably do it and not think anything bad about it. I never did,I don't think most people do.

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